Most Influential Athletes

When it comes to the action sports community there really have been a bunch of people who have been super influential in general and I know that for the most part when it comes to the world of free skiers and the freestyle skiing world in general some of the most influential athletes have actually died tragic deaths while skiing, which is kind of sad and weird but it happened to both the most influential man and woman in the free ski community. I’m talking about Shane McConkey and Sarah Burke, and for the most part we could talk a lot about how these two athletes changed action sports forever, which we are totally going to do in this particular article, but I think it is also important to realize where they came from and how they got to be such awesome athletes in the action sports community. When you are at an action sport event it is nice to have your camera on a dslr camera strap. The thing is that the action sports community is definitely a pretty tight knit group of people and that is mostly because there really aren’t that many of the action sports athletes that are super influential out there in general so everyone pretty much knows everyone, or at least everyone knows about everyone for the most part, and that is really important when we start to consider the legacies of people like Sarah Burke and Shane McConkey.

When it comes to Shane McConkey we are seriously talking about the guy who started it all and who really wanted to push skiing to the next level during the 80s and the 90s, and I think this is partly because he saw the rise of popularity in snowboarding and then wanted to push skiing with its own evolution, and this lead to a lot of different things that he started doing like back flipping off of huge cliffs and landing with ease and also just doing other things that most people would have deemed to be absolutely crazy before McConkey came around and changed everything. He really was the pioneer in all of action sports in general and when he started skiing off of huge cliffs and then parachuting down to safety he really was doing what everyone dreams about doing and that is ultimately what lead to his death, which is crazy, but of course that is what is just so gnarly about how he died. His legacy will definitely live on forever though and everyone will just remember who awesome and inspiring of a person he was in the ski community.

When it comes to Sarah Burke we are talking about one of the most prominent figures for women in all of action sports, and she really was kind of like the biggest and baddest of us all and she also was very pretty too and she could shred just as hard as the boys, except one day she got caught up and fucked up and killed herself too skiing, which is horrible and it was a tragic loss for the entire action sports community. But because she was able to really be innovative and help make women a part of the action sports community more than they were before her career she did something really remarkable with her life as well and that is why he remember her for being just as crazy as old McConkey.

Sports Are Really Cool

For the most part I think that it is pretty safe to say that action sports have been the cool kind of sports recently and that the more conventional sports like basketball and football and lacrosse are starting to seem a little bit lame, although all of these sports are definitely really cool I think it is important to make sure that you stay true to your roots and that means that you should definitely be crazy and want to do action sports for the most part because they are awesome. I know that for the most part action sports are the type of sports that will allow you to get out there in the real world and actually do some crazy tricks and fun things, and maybe if you aren’t making a video then no one will ever know that you did it but you and whoever saw you do it, but that is exactly what it is all about in that it is all about building up your confidence in yourself to go bigger and be better on your own.

Most action sports are not team sports because it is kind of hard to do any of these sports in a team setting, which is always cool or whatever because for the most part individual sports are really cool too, and for the most part all action sports are definitely individual games in which you are only working with yourself and pushing yourself to go bigger. That is why action sports are actually pretty psychological and that is pretty much why you start to get kind of cocky and full of yourself when you are good at them which then leads to you being a really crazy and loud and obnoxious person because that is what everyone else who is good at action sports is pretty much like.

There pretty much is an entire culture centered on action sports, especially out west in California and other areas of the western United States. I think that on the east coast people are more interested in doing team sports and that is cool and all, but that is mostly because team sports can pretty much be played anywhere and in the western area of the United States there are mountains and all these other cool things that you can do like surfing in which action sports are pretty much more available and ready to do out in California and I think that is partly why there are more action sports in California.

So of course we are really happy to have you here on this website with us learning about the different types of action sports and some of the athletes in general that have become some of the most influential action sports athletes in the entire world, and I know that for the most part we can say that all of these athletes that we are going to be talking about are kind of like the biggest and most badass athletes in all of action sports. So the next action sports athletes that we are going to talk about are people in the skateboarding world and in particular Mr. Rob Dyrdek, who all you really need to know about him is that he had this cool show on MTV that was funny and a big hit that was called Rob and Big.

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Creation Of The Games

Action sports are definitely on the rise and if you can’t see that as of now then I don’t know where you have been the past 20 years. Since the creation of the X Games back in the 1990s action sports have been all the rage and now they are becoming more and more apart of the daily routine of sports and of course the X Games is now one of the coolest and most radical and of course Extreme sports competitions in the entire world that everyone looks forward to. Now when it comes to action sports, they have definitely been around for awhile and it is important for us to realize that as some action sports have come into the global sphere in terms of participation and overall popularity there have obviously been so many other performers and big time athletes who have risen through the ranks and become some of the biggest names in all of action sports. The overall topic for all of these article in this list of blogs is that we are going to be talking about action sports in general and then some of the biggest athletes in those respective action sports, and now I know for the most part it is sometimes hard to say who is the best or most influential athlete but we are just taking our information from the X Games guys so what are you going to do about it anyways. Are you going to sue something or me? C’mon, let’s be really you are not going to do anything like that and you are going to sit your little fanny down on your seat next to your computer and read all this information that I have to say about action sports and their athletes, and you are definitely going to like it!

So the next action sport that we are going to be talking about on this list of action sports and athletes is snowboarding, and I know that for the most part snowboarding has been one of those action sports that has definitely grown in popularity over the past few years and that is mainly because this sport only started back in the 1980s and then took quite a few years to get really popular. Today there are just as many snowboarders as there are skiers and I know that for the most part everyone is more interested in snowboarding if they are young and that is definitely millions of snowboarders all over the place. When it comes to snowboarding there is only one really big name that has come out and shown that he can be the face of the sport and that person is Shaun White. The thing is that Shaun White is still really young but of course we are seeing now that he is starting to fade away from snowboarding a little bit and that is simply because he is probably waiting for the next Olympics or something to shock the entire world or something like that, or he might just retire because he is so successful anyways. He has won a collective of 24 different X Games medals in all different snowboarding disciplines and I know that for the most part Shaun White is just one of those freak athletes who is really into this type of thing and can just go hard in the paint and especially the pipe and that is where he flourishes the most and is going to compete in the Olympics at. Pretty much Shaun White has perfected the science of the snowboarding half pipe and it has been a very magical thing to witness in recent years.

Gold Medals

When it comes to action sports there aren’t too many people that have been more influential than Travis Pastrana, and I think that for the most part Travis Pastrana has been the biggest proponent of motocross and dirt biking in general for a very long time, and of course because he has won the X Games gold medal eleven different times he has pretty much solidified himself as one of those action sports athletes who has changed the world forever. I think that when it comes to action sports and the athletes of action sports there have been so many different people who are doing their thing right now and haven’t retired yet who have changed their respective sports forever and have ushered in a new era of sports in general in which there has been a very large trend of people going towards doing action sports more than the conventional sports that we are all pretty much used to like the Olympic sports. Of course the Olympic sports have been incorporating a bunch of different other action sports in recent years and that is definitely something that a lot of people have realized themselves too, and I know that action sports have been getting more and more popular in recent years. This is pretty much what this entire list of articles and blogs are all about, and that is action sports and the most influential athletes in the entire list of different action sports. I know that we can say the words action sports and athletes as much as possible and we can get a lot of hits online so that is also going to be a very main objective of all of these articles about action sports and the most influential athletes in the industry.

Of course the X Games has been the thing or event or cause of all the rise of popularity in recent years for action sports and I guess that means TV is the cause as well, but of course when it comes to motocross and dirt biking and just being a crazy awesome person like the action sports industry is all about, Travis Pastrana is definitely your guys and Red Bull and a bunch of his other sponsors have pretty much made him the voice of action sports for a lot of different reasons. Pastrana has also been involved in NASCAR and a bunch of other nationwide series events and all these crazy sports so he definitely is one of action sports most influential athletes.

Travis Pastrana is one of those action sports athletes who has defied the laws of gravity through all of his tricks on a dirt bike for so many years, and it seems like just when you think he can’t top his tricks he does and then he ends up getting bigger and better every single year. I think we could potentially start to see Pastrana do things other than dirt biking, but of course he is probably going to be super famous his entire like and always be involved in action sports. When it comes to freestyle motocross there is no one and there has never been anyone better than Travis Pastrana and that is just something that is absolutely amazing.


There are definitely a ton of really great action sports out there, and what is so cool is that for the most part action sports have been getting more and more popular in recent years, and this is just a testament to how far action sports have come in recent years. Since the creation of the X Games, both winter and summer, there have been significant gains in the popularity of big time action sports like skateboarding, surfing, BMX, motocross, snowboarding and skiing. And I know that for the most part these sports have been around for a pretty long time, but I think just in recent years they have been soaring in popularity and that is partly due to all of the great icons of action sports stepping up and making sure that more kids out there are getting involved in these sports and are getting inspired by the biggest and brightest stars of each action sport.

That is kind of how it works in the United States at least and the same thing tends to happen in all sorts of sports including golf and basketball and football even, and even soccer which is seriously like the weakest sport out there anyone who likes soccer is such a pansy. But of course we are going to be talking about action sports and athletes throughout this entire list of blogs and articles, and so what exactly we are going to do is talk about some of the action sports that are gaining in popularity and then some of the big athletes of the sport that have earned themselves the titles of being some of the most influential people in the action sports industry. I know that for the most part this type of listing of the most influential people in action sports is definitely something that is hard to do, because let’s face it, there have been a bunch of influential people in recent years when it comes to action sports, but we have done a very comprehensive research that is going to make you seriously feel like you are in the middle of the sport themselves while reading these articles. Now just trust us, is pretty much what I’m trying to say and I hope you really enjoy this particular article all about the action sport of surfing.

Obviously surfing has been pretty popular in and around the world since the 60s and the days of the Endless Summer film, but in recent years we have seen the technology of surfboards and surfers get really improved and now that we have all this cool surfing gear and things like that we are also seeing surfing go to the next level, but of course it is still pretty much the same as it has always been which is riding waves in towards the shore of a beach. One of the most influential people in surfing right now is Kelly Slater and is true that when it comes to surfing athletes he is the best of the very best and he is 40 years old right now and still is the best in the world, which is pretty crazy to think. Of course other surfers are coming out and proving themselves but Kelly Slater is still competing at the highest of levels and that is really awesome for him and he is probably going to go down as one of the best surfers of all time and he is still doing his thing out there today.









Action Sports

There is no doubt about it that action sports have taken over the landscape of professional sports and now more and more kids all around the world are picking up action sports and striving for professionalism through different areas of athleticism besides the normal Olympic sports. I think there is no doubt about it that the Olympic sports will always remain to be the most popular sports in the world, but even action sports are slowly but surely becoming Olympic sports, and this is great and it shows the progression of sports through out the years and it has brought about some really impressive athletes in the process. So if you are the type of person who is really interested in action sports and action sports athletes then you have come to the right set of articles because all of these blogs are oriented around action sports and their athletes and for this particular article we are going to be talking about skateboarding and some of the best skateboarders in the history of the sport.

There is no denying that when it comes to action sports skateboarding is definitely kind of what got it all started off, and for a very long time people have been skating around the world and on sidewalks everywhere making the most out of their skills, and that is what is so cool about skateboarding and it is that of course people are always going to be going to really cool skate parks all over the place because that is technically where the best skating will happen but of course people will always be using rails and other landscapes just around the world as a way of expressing themselves on a skateboard, and that ultimately is extremely badass and is kind of how skating has been created into this punk type of sport because skaters are always going to want to skate where they aren’t supposed to be skating, and the stricter the rules and the better the spots, you might just see a bunch of skaters pop out of nowhere with some cameras.

Now, this brings me to a good point because filming and skateboarding go hand in hand with one another, and that is really cool and the Internet has obviously made this a lot more of a popular thing to do because people can now publish all of their skate videos onto the internet and then they are out there forever and that is just kind of cool to do in general and I understand why people would like to publish their own skating especially if they start to get pretty good and are trying to get professional because it definitely is possible if you are good enough to do something awesome on a skateboard and you post it online that you can get the attention of a bunch of corporate sponsors, and then you and your best friends are set for life because you made it as a professional skateboarder and life doesn’t get much gnarlier than that.

Some of the best skateboarders to ever live are still alive and they are named Bob Burnquist and Tony Hawk and now Nyjah Huston and some other really awesome skaters that are still killing it on the daily, so get out and skate and have some fun.